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I recently queried a listserv I belong to about books useful for working out in the low register of the flute. I thought it would be interesting to list their suggestions here along with their comments:

  • Building the Flute Tone from the Bottom Up – A Guide to Lip Flexibility by Robert K.Webb and Kathryn Webb Thorson. It has some great exercises for lip flexibility using harmonics in addition to interval work on the lower notes.
  • Moyse’s De La Sonorite is THE book to have. A cornerstone of the flutist’s
    library and in many people’s view, the “Bible” for tone and low register development.
  • Trevor Wye’s Practice Book for the Flute, Volune 1 – Tone. Great for low register tone studies and excellent comments by Trevor.
  • Emil Eck’s Tone Development for Flute for high school students

I haven’t yet previewed these myself, except for the Eck, which you can see a few pages of on Google Books. Pages are missing from the preview, granted, but I don’t think it keeps the player in the low register the entire time, which is what I would like to find in a true low register development book.


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