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Courtesy of Ann Yasinitsky, Clinical Assistant Professor of Music, Washington State University

Try to practice several different aspects of flute technique every day. Your daily practice regime should include long tones in the high, medium and low registers. The purpose of long tones is [to] work for purity and beauty of tone while playing long notes. Be self-critical, always striving for a better sound. A good long tone exercise book is De la Sonorite by Marcel Moyse (published by Leduc).

Secondly, one should always practice scales and arpeggios — tongued and slurred. Start by learning all major and minor scales; practice playing them two octaves each. You should write out all these scales yourself.

Next, you need to work on etudes. Choose etudes which are challenging, but not so difficult as to be unplayable. Solos are the last essential part of a good routine. As with etudes, pick solos which appeal to you and are challenging, but not beyond your level.

from “A Little Bit About Flute Playing”


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