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Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke of the Fabulous Flute Music Company have posted several videos on their Facebook page demonstrating body movements that naturally accompany phrases of various lengths and directions. These are meant to accompany their method book, THE FLUTE SCALE BOOK: A PATH TO ARTISTRY, but even if you don’t have the book (which has received rave reviews!), the videos are still helpful to see, particularly if you need help understanding what to do with your body while playing, or your accompanist is having difficulty following you.


I recently queried a listserv I belong to about books useful for working out in the low register of the flute. I thought it would be interesting to list their suggestions here along with their comments:

  • Building the Flute Tone from the Bottom Up – A Guide to Lip Flexibility by Robert K.Webb and Kathryn Webb Thorson. It has some great exercises for lip flexibility using harmonics in addition to interval work on the lower notes.
  • Moyse’s De La Sonorite is THE book to have. A cornerstone of the flutist’s
    library and in many people’s view, the “Bible” for tone and low register development.
  • Trevor Wye’s Practice Book for the Flute, Volune 1 – Tone. Great for low register tone studies and excellent comments by Trevor.
  • Emil Eck’s Tone Development for Flute for high school students

I haven’t yet previewed these myself, except for the Eck, which you can see a few pages of on Google Books. Pages are missing from the preview, granted, but I don’t think it keeps the player in the low register the entire time, which is what I would like to find in a true low register development book.

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