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In my last post, I mentioned the app for IMSLP. I was about to buy some music, but tonight, I ended up finding a good portion of it on IMSLP. So. Cool. Thus far, I have downloaded and printed off 3 opuses (opi?) of Kuhlau duets, an opus of trios, the Reineke, and the Griffes. Why don’t I own these already, you ask? I don’t know. But at least I own both Mozart concertos and the French book. 😉

I also updated the Facebook page so that the blog will publish posts to it, and the Twitter page is still working, if those are your preferred methods of getting Flute Punch. Thanks for reading.


I’ve got IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library listed in the sidebar under “Free Music” but wanted to highlight it with a post, since a search for “Kuhlau” returned so many results. 

  1. Click here to go to the search results for Kuhlau
  2. Click on the title of the thing you want.
  3. On the page that comes up, near the top under “Music Files,” click the bolded link there. (It will probably say something like “parts 1 and 2.”) You’ll then be directed to a PDF you can save/print.

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