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Here’s something you can totally geek out with: an informative article on an updated flute scale proposed by Trevor Wye and colleagues. Anyone looking to purchase a flute, whether new or previously owned, should read it. Even if you are not planning to buy a new flute built on this scale, you can still benefit from the contents, as it discusses in detail features of better quality flutes that directly affect intonation. Be sure to click through all four pages.


TuneIn Radio. Get this app. I used to love Pandora, and still do in theory, but the permissions for Pandora require access to your contacts list, and the app can email your contacts without permission. No thanks.

With TuneIn, I could go directly to a genre of my choice (jazz) and choose from local stations, or an awful lot of other stations. As with Pandora, you can keep listening while doing other stuff (like writing blog posts)!

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I finally leapt into the 21st century and got a tablet. Android, because I’m cheap and nonproprietary, which wins out over the fact that Apple does have really cool music apps. Anyway, here’s what I like so far:

gStrings – tuner
Mobile Metronome
IMSLPdroid – easily access this database of free music

These are free apps. (Did I mention that I’m cheap?) Feel free to comment with your favorite music apps!

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