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In my last post, I mentioned the app for IMSLP. I was about to buy some music, but tonight, I ended up finding a good portion of it on IMSLP. So. Cool. Thus far, I have downloaded and printed off 3 opuses (opi?) of Kuhlau duets, an opus of trios, the Reineke, and the Griffes. Why don’t I own these already, you ask? I don’t know. But at least I own both Mozart concertos and the French book. 😉

I also updated the Facebook page so that the blog will publish posts to it, and the Twitter page is still working, if those are your preferred methods of getting Flute Punch. Thanks for reading.


Haven’t been posting much, and probably won’t. I love this blog, but other needs are pressing right now. Just wanted anyone reading to know my blog isn’t totally dead! More like, hibernating for the winter. 🙂

I had the pleasure of making a trip to the sheet music store in the city today. Picked up Phyllis Louke and Patricia George’s new method book, Flute 101: Mastering the Basics, so I’m excited to dive into that. Maybe it will become my new favorite starter book! Also got to browse through some flute music — duets and such — but I feel like they’ve reduced their selection, so I will probably continue to mail order through them or Flute World.

A friend of mine who lived in the UK for a time once told me about this place in London where you could try flutes, play duets with friends, have a cup of tea, and generally enjoy being a flutist. I so wish I could own a shop like that one day, as that would be near the top of my list of ways to spend an afternoon!

Thanks to FeedBurner, you can now get Flute Punch updates by email. Just click the link in the sidebar, fill out the quick little form, and you can get Flute Punch in your Inbox without doing a thing more. (Oh, and it’s free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.) If you prefer RSS, the option for that is there also.

I moved the site so it’s now hosted at WordPress.com. The upside to this is that 1) I save money and 2) I don’t spend hours doing updates. The downside is that 1) I lose some flexibility in features. But I think it’s a fair tradeoff.

I still haven’t got my site email up yet. The old one was “flutepunch at flutepunch dot com” but I cancelled that account. For now, anyone wishing to contact will just have to leave a comment, I suppose. I hope to have that remedied in the near future.

It took me the better part of today to get all this set up, so unfortunately there’s not much here right now. Soon to come: articles on basics of flute playing.

Thanks for visiting.

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