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Here’s a concise and informative page showing the lineage of flutists at the famed Paris Conservatory, from which we get so many of our wonderful solo works!


A former professor of mine, Dr. Greg Yasinitsky, has written new compositions for flute – here’s excerpts of Ann Yasinitsky (also a former professor) performing the two pieces, “Concertino for Flute and Orchestra,” and “Magic” for flute and chamber orchestra. I had forgotten how brilliant Ann’s tone is!

Robert Dick started a YouTube channel in conjunction with a flute manufacturer. I thought this video on what he calls “throat tuning” was interesting. I definitely agree with his comments about singing. I think as instrumentalists, particularly when we are younger, we resist singing as some sort of “inferior” form of musicianship, probably because of the perceived differences between “band kids” and “choir kids.”

So this isn’t flute-related, but it does relate to who I am as a musician.Michael Yannette

I was fortunate to have Michael Yannette as a wonderful piano/music/life teacher during my high school years. During that time, he wrote and performed a one-man show about George Gershwin that was absolutely fantastic.

Fantasia on Mysterium is his new show on the life of Alexander Scriabin. The “videos” link on the site wouldn’t work for me, but I did find Mr. Yannette’s YouTube channel.

I have no doubt that this show will be most entertaining and well done.

I had the good fortune of seeing Greg Pattillo and his group, Project, perform recently. I think most flutists have seen the YouTube videos of Greg beatboxing, and maybe visited his websites and such. All the videos and recordings are great, bu it’s nothing like seeing them live!

If you get the chance to see Project perform live, I can’t encourage you more strongly to seize the opportunity. They truly are fantastic musicians.

I saw this flutist mentioned on a listserv and had to check her out. If you have time to listen to any of her other recordings, it’s very much worth it!

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